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The EAL Approach

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is an effective approach to human and leadership development through the eyes of the horse. It is a proactive approach to empowering the individual through group interactive exercises with a focus on “everyone matters”.

Through carefully designed team exercises, the Dreamwinds EAL programs use the horses natural herd instincts to provide participants with an opportunity to engage in team emphasized exercises and in turn find themselves learning valuable skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working through the dynamics of the horses.

EAL can benefit everyone. No riding or previous horse experience is required; all exercises are done from the ground. EAL is an innovative approach that has proven to be the stimulus of respectful relationships and active involvement. It not only fits naturally into the process of developing strong leaders, it is a practical approach to teaching youth alternative skills to leverage when faced with difficult challenges and negative influences.

But Why Horses?

You may be wondering what you could possibly learn from a horse?! EAL isn’t so much about the horse teaching you, it’s about helping you recognize opportunities for learning within yourself.   Our horses provide instant, honest feedback when we work with them. When we learn how to communicate, lead and work effectively with a horse, we learn valuable skills that we can apply to all of our relationships.

  • Horses are prey animals and are always acutely aware of their surroundings as a matter of survival.
  • They can actually discern the difference between a calm, non-threatening approach and anxious or nervous energy.
  • They can help us recognize and understand our behaviour and feelings often before we do.

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