As a Canadian-owned insurance company, we’ve been helping Canadians insure the important things for decades. You will find a home, life, auto, or travel insurance plan with us that is exactly what you need.

Home insurance

Protect your home and belongings with home, tenant, or condominium insurance.

Auto insurance

Our customizable auto insurance plans offer choice to Canadian drivers.

Life insurance

Grow your wealth and provide for your loved ones with our life insurance options geared to any stage of life and income.

Business insurance

Insurance products like liability, business interruption and business property keep your company running smoothly.

Farm insurance

Our farm insurance is designed to protect your livelihood and your property.

Travel insurance

Cover your trip and potential medical bills with our simple travel insurance policies.

Everyone has their own reasons to invest.

Some people are looking to save for a new car, home, or kids heading off to university; while at the same time they’re thinking about retirement. What are you saving for? Find out how we can help you reach your financial goals.

Whether you’re young and need to ensure that every dollar you invest is safe, but you’re also working hard towards your saving goals; or you’re nearing retirement and can’t risk market fluctuations affecting your investment gains, you can rest easy with The Co-operators. Your investments are in the hands of a company that administers more than $44 billion in assets.

Insurance companies are also the only businesses that can offer segregated funds, which provide strong guarantees that protect your investment deposits at maturity or death. Other investments simply can’t match this level of security and protection.

For your convenience, we have a coast-to-coast network of Financial Advisors.

We know that everyone’s level of comfort and understanding about investing varies. We’re here to provide as much guidance as you want. You can choose your investments based on your investor profile, type of investment, or purchase funds individually.

Your saving goals, your choice.

Versatile Portfolios Navigator™ offers maximum flexibility to our investors while ensuring worry-free investing with guarantees. Let’s face it: if we could just set a path to achieving our financial goals, and know that nothing in our lives would change, we could all rest easy. Unfortunately, that isn’t reality. Life changes fast and Versatile Portfolios Navigator™ provides you with flexibility; an important feature in today’s world.

Only the best to grow your money.

We have established partnerships with leading investment companies to ensure your money is in the best hands. Partnerships with companies like Addenda Capital, NEI Investments, Mawer, Franklin Templeton Investments, and Fidelity Investments, ensure experts successfully manage your investments to yield the best returns.

If Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs) are important to you, we’ve constructed various portfolios that are only invested with companies that meet our strict criteria for environmentally friendly practices, social responsibility and corporate governance.

Made in Canada

We’re proud of our reputation as a caring, community-minded organization. An investment with The Co-operators is an investment in Canada and your community.

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