At Treblemakers Music Academy Inc. located in Bradford, Ontario we strive to be the best in our field. We provide our music students with a fun and interactive learning environment, where they have the opportunity to grow and develop into outstanding musicians.

Best of all, we show our students how incredibly fun and enriching music education can be to their lives.

Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons are one-on-one sessions, that cater to each student’s individual needs. Depending on the level, lessons may vary from 30-60 minutes each week. Students will learn from either/both the Royal Conservatory of Music and Alfred Piano Series.

Guitar Lessons

Students will be provided with a well-rounded music program for classical and modern guitar, which will aim in reaching the student’s full potential. Students’ musicianship and technique skills will flourish within an exploration of a wide repertoire, in either classical or modern studies.

Music Birthday Parties

Our Birthday Parties are suitable for ages 1-3 years. Along with the use of our toddler friendly play equipment, our Birthday Party provides lots of fun and interactive experience for children and adults alike. There will be circle dances, instruments exploration, instrument play-alongs, singing, creative movements, parachute play and bubbles to give everyone a delightful time!
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131 Holland Street West
Bradford, Ontario 


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