This past Saturday, April 28th The Bradford Board Of Trade hosted the Bradford Home & Lifestyle Show. An annual event, takes months to arrange and organize. We do it for the joy of providing opportunities to our business community. This year, it served an additional purpose….

At the end of November, our community was shocked to learn of the closing of the Bradford Times. Our local paper, telling our local stories. Posts on social media flew from shock to anger to despair. A common thread across them all was “What about Miriam?” Miriam King has been a staple in our community for years. If there was a flag raising, town council meeting, home show, grand opening or community bbq, Miriam was there, capturing the moment for us all. How would we go on without her telling our stories? Hearts were broken.

In mid-April, we all heard the news! Miriam King and Gary Assis would be joining forces to launch! The excitement was palpable. They had been missed by our community and we couldn’t wait for their return. With a launch date of April 30th, the commitment had been made.

We were thrilled when they agreed to have a booth at the Bradford Home & Lifestyle Show. We had all missed them for so long. Of course Miriam couldn’t simply be in a booth, she covered our event. Note pad in hand, camera around her neck and her trademark smile was a sight sore eyes. When asked about how she felt about being back, “Bradford deserves to have their own news.” she said proudly.

Monday, April 30th was the Mayor’s Business Breakfast at the Club at Bond Head. Once again, there was Miriam, this time chatting with Councillor Raj Sandhu. Note pad in hand, camera around her neck and smiling from ear to ear. It’s so nice to have you back Miriam. BWG missed you!