Our Annual General Meeting will be held virtually, on Friday, September 25th, 2020, 7:00pm. The AGM provides an opportunity for all members in good standing to come and discuss the Bradford Board Of Trade, our actions over the past year and our plans for the coming year. New Directors will also be put into place if appropriate.

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  1. Reception
  2. 7:05pm Annual General Meeting
  3. Call to order
  4. Review & Acceptance of 2019 AGM Minutes
    Motion to Accept:
    Review & Acceptance of 2019/2020 Reports:
  5. President’s Presentation – Tina Morrison, President
  6. Financial Report – Mark Taylor, Secretary
  7. Sponsorship Report – Ryan Shapcott, VP of Sponsorship
  8. Government Relations Report – Nick Volpe, VP of Government Relations
  9. Events Report – Gwen Cottingham, VP of Events
  10. Public Relations & Membership Report – Jennifer Harrison, VP of Public Relations & Membership
  11. COVID-19 Support – Tricia Barrett-Butler, Chief Administrative Officer

Thank you to outgoing Director for his time and dedication:

  • Jason Vieira

Welcome back to our team for another term, our returning Directors:

  1. Gwen Cottingham, Nutrition
  2. Jennifer Harrison, Lifestyle PR
  3. Nick Volpe, RPM
  4. Jackie Kozak, Scaraoke Entertainment

Welcome and Introduction of New Directors:

  1. Tracey Evans, Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning
  2. Gary Assis, BradfordToday.ca
  3. Salim Bardai, Freshii Bradford

Declared as new Directors of the Bradford Board Of Trade.

Thank you to:

The Board Of Directors
The Town Of Bradford West Gwillimbury
The Office Of Economic Development

To you, our members.


Members on the call introductions, general discussion & socializing.