Help support local businesses during the Covid-19 crisis: Click here to purchase local gift certificates

Bring in revenue with our new gift certificate portal – yes, your customers can support local businesses by buying a gift certificate through our new gift certificate portal.

This is free for all business owners – all you have to do is register – and your business will be featured by the host site, FanSaves Helps Gift Certificate Program and promoted by the BBT.

Register Your Business for free here: 

How it works: customers are able to buy gift certificates from businesses that are currently closed or offering limited services, which they can use in the future once things get back to normal.

  1. Once a gift certificate is purchased through the FanSaves Helps website, the buyer will receive a digital gift certificate with a unique code that will be tracked for you in a spreadsheet you can see.
  2. Any money received on your behalf will then be transferred to you via Direct Deposit or e-transfer within 14 days (minus any credit card transaction fees).
  3. Once you re-open your doors, the buyer can then print off their gift certificate and bring it to you. You can then keep track of the balance however it works best for you (like transferring to your own gift card program or tracking the balance manually on the printed gift card).