Welcome to 2024! The BBT is proud to introduce our upcoming monthly Networking Events. We have many expert presenters lined up speaking on a variety of business topics. We are excited to provide you with the informative resources and help your business be successful.
*These events will be held either in person or virtual. Look for details on the event link 

We are committed to supporting small businesses in our community. In line with our mission to foster economic growth and development, the Board is launching the ‘’New Year, New Vision’’ initiative, aimed at providing small businesses with the resources and support they need to thrive in the evolving economic landscape. 



February 21,2024:

World of Social Media Marketing & Public Relations in a digital landscape

Speaker: Jonathan Volpe, VP Of Public Relations, BBT The founder and CEO of TheBoardRoomAgency, serving the small business industry with over 4+ years in the field, and currently the Vice-President of Public Relations with the BBT serving the members and small businesses within the community.

 Guest Speaker: Stefan Pietrobono, Founder/CEO of Millennial Marketing Agency – The founder and CEO of Millennial Marketing Agency, serving a global clientele of 250+ clients. With a decade of deep-rooted experience in the realm of social media and digital marketing, Stefan possesses an extensive knowledge of social media dynamics, strategies, trends, and best practices.
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