Town & Country Living Show, Terms & Conditions

By submitting your online registration, you acknowledge, have read and agree to comply with the Terms & Conditions posted below.
Your registration will indicate your agreement with our terms and conditions for this event:
As a condition of exhibiting, Exhibitors are required to have proper insurance coverage for their booth space and staff. The Bradford Board Of Trade is not responsible for loss or damage to any property belonging to exhibitors. Without providing proof of insurance you will not be allowed to exhibit.
The Exhibitor agrees to confine his / her display / presentation within the contracted space only and within the maximum height of 8 feet and to maintain staff in his / her booth space during all show hours. The floor space of the booth is 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep.
Management reserves the right at any time to alter or remove exhibits or any part thereof, including printed material, products, signs, lights or sound, and to expel exhibitors or their personnel if in Management’s opinion their conduct or presentation is objectionable to other show participants and / or attendees.
Management agrees to provide the Exhibitor with a draped backdrop and side railings at no charge.
All electrical wiring and outlets shall be at the Exhibitor’s expense. All operating electrical equipment used in the exhibit must have CSA or equivalent provincial power authority approval.
Click here to book Vendor Services (electrical, booth furniture rentals, carpeting, etc.). Please book in advance, subject to availability.
The Exhibitor agrees to abide by all regulations and rules adopted by Management in the best interests of the Show and agrees that Management shall have the final decision in adopting any rules or regulations deemed necessary prior to, during, and after the show.
The Exhibitors will hold The Bradford Board Of Trade, the show coordinators or any of its assignees and employees, harmless from any damage, expense or liability arising from any injury or damage to any person, including the general public, the exhibitor, its agents or employees or to the property of the exhibitor or others occurring either in the space occupied by the exhibitor or elsewhere arising out of its occupancy.
Booth set up will be on Friday, April 22nd between 12 noon and 7pm. All booths must be set up during this time. The large doors will be closed for the evening and the heat turned on. They will not be reopened until after the show on Saturday in an effort to retain as much heat in the building as possible.
The show will be opened to Vendors at 8am Saturday, April 23rd. The show officially opens to the general public at 9am and runs to 5pm.
Tear down will occur after 5pm, Saturday April 23rd once the show has closed. We do ask that vendors clear out everything and leave nothing behind. We cannot guarantee that any forgotten items will be returned.
Booth Placement
Booth placement is given in order of priority to Sponsors, order of payment and placement in proximity to other like businesses. Final placement is at the discretion of the Show Committee and decisions are final. Only Sponsors are given placement selection options as described in the Sponsor Packages. The Show Committee will attempt to accommodate other placement requests on a first paid, first request basis. Efforts have been made for all areas of the show to have points of interest to ensure full traffic to the entire show.
There are various doors on the north, west and east sides of the building that you may access on set up day, Friday, April 22nd.  Large doors will be open to the outside to accommodate vehicles / forklifts, etc. Please note that it will be cold in the arena on move in day due to open doors.
On the day of the show, Saturday, April 23rd, all vendors are required to park in the north parking lot and to leave the front west lot (off Simcoe Street) for the patrons of the show. Side doors will not be open during this time in an effort to retain heat in the building.
We had concerns last year regarding guests with families, the elderly or physical challenges having to walk from the back of the parking lots. We appreciate your cooperation.
Duration of the show
The Exhibitor agrees that no display may be dismantled or goods removed during the entire run of the Show (9am – 5pm) and must remain intact until after the closing hour of the show. The Exhibitor agrees to pay any additional fine that may occur as a result of dismantling and leaving the show before closing hour. The Exhibitor also agrees to remove his / her exhibit, equipment and appurtenances from the show building by the final move-out time or in the event of failure to do so, the Exhibitor agrees to pay for such additional costs as may be incurred.
Management reserves the right at its sole discretion to change the date or dates upon which the Show is to be held and shall not be liable in damages or otherwise by reason of any such change. In addition, Management shall not be liable in damages or otherwise for failure to carry out the terms of this Agreement in whole or in part where caused directly or indirectly by or in consequence of fire, storm, flood, war, rebellion, insurrection, riot, civil commotion, strike or by any cause whatever beyond the control of Management whether similar to or dissimilar from the causes enumerated herein. In the event that the exhibit space to be used by the Exhibitor should in any way be rendered unusable the Exhibitor shall pay for such space only for the period during which it was or could have been used as determined within the sole discretion of Management. A refund of all monies paid by the Exhibitor to Management will be made by Management in the event that the Show is not held as proposed by Management.
Management reserves the right to cancel this contract and to withhold possession of exhibit space if the Exhibitor fails to perform any material condition of this contract or refuses to abide by the Show rules and regulations in which case the Exhibitor shall forfeit as liquidation damages all space rental payments made by him / her and any further occupancy of such space. The Exhibitor agrees to observe all union contracts and labour relations in force and agreements between Management, official contractors serving companies and the building in which the Show will take place and do so according to the labour laws of the jurisdiction in which the building is located.
Management reserves the right to alter or change the space assigned to the Exhibitor.
Additionally, food & baking vendors who have not been approved by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit will not be permitted to participate. No refunds.
Booths for Bradford Bakes are 8 ft X 8 ft. Bradford Bakes vendors will be located upstairs in the Auditorium portion of the Community Centre. Vendors are responsible for their own signage, tables and chairs. Upstairs is fully accessible via elevator or stairs. Only bakers are eligible for a Bradford Bakes booth and are subject to approval.
All food and baking vendors will be subject to a vendor review of Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU). All food preparation must bake within an approved, inspected kitchen or make arrangements at a church (who are exempt). For further information, please review the Special Events Guidelines or call (705) 721-7520.
Download The Health Unit Vendor Application Here: SMDHU Vendor Application for Event Permit
Food and / or Baking vendors who have not been approved by the SMDHU will not be permitted to participate.
Deposit Payment – 50% (non-refundable) deposit due with your online registration to hold space.
Final Payment – Balance/Full Payment is due by March 4th, 2016. If space is booked after March 4th, 2016 full payment is due upon booking. No refunds after March 4th, 2016.
Exhibitors must be a Bradford Board Of Trade member in good standing to receive the member discount rate. All Exhibitors must be in good financial standing with the Bradford Board Of Trade. The Bradford Board Of Trade has the right to exclude companies with outstanding account balances.