Nomination Acceptance Tips

Start Early!

Please don’t leave writing your acceptance until the last minute. You want to be sure that you’ve given yourself enough time to truly consider your submission. Rushed acceptances often miss key information.

  • Acceptances close September 2nd, 2024 at 11:59pm, SHARP!

The forms will not be reopened under any circumstances.


How many points is it worth?

A question worth 10 points is worth considerably more effort than a 1 or 5 point question. Take the time to ensure there is enough information to be worth the full value of the question.


Be Specific!

List specific events, lessons, gains…. Stating that there was growth isn’t enough. Please submit examples, lists and explanations.


Write Your Answers First

We highly suggest that you create a stand alone document to capture your answers first. By writing in a document, you’ll have the opportunity to consider and review your submission.

The Form does not have a save function. If you lose power or connection to the internet, you could lose your progress. Saving to a document will allow you to take your time, go back to flesh out your answers and ensure accuracy before you hit the submit button.

Stay Current

Questions are specific to the last year, September 2023 to September 2024.


Follow The Rules

Make sure you follow the rules and regulations! You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to win an award by inadvertently breaking a rule without knowing.

Take Your Time

We appreciate that you’re excited – but take your time to carefully consider your replies. Giving yourself enough time to write your answers, review them and tweak them will ensure the judges get a full picture of your business and the past year.


Consider Bullet Points

Feel free to use bullet points!

  • They’re easier to read
  • Quickly convey your intentions
  • You can track your points of information in relation to the points available

Award Specific

When answering the award specific questions, keep in mind that they are worth 25 points. Someone from the community felt that you were worthy of the award. Here is your chance to tell the judges why! Be sure to include enough information to be worth 25 points. Stay on topic and refer to the award criteria when writing your submission.


Tell Your Story

No one knows your story or your business, more than you! Share your experience.

Stay On Topic

Try not to repeat and stay on topic. The judges will appreciate your accuracy in relation to the question.

Review Your Submission

When you submit your acceptance, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your answers (no confirmation email means we haven’t received your acceptance). Please review it! You are responsible for the accuracy of your submission. Once acceptances close on Monday, September 2nd, 2024​ at 11:59pm, the submissions are final.